Distributing your TV signals to each TV in the house generally requires two separate cabling systems.

The basic traditional system will require a digital terrestrial aerial mounted either in the loft space or outside on the roof or side wall, coax cable will be installed from the aerial to a distribution point where an amplifier could be installed, further cabling can then be installed from here to each room. This system provides Freeview channels providing each TV has a built in tuner which most do these days, tuners are available separately.

If your just require the connections in the same room the equipment can be hidden in cupboards and controlled using magic eyes. Where a number of rooms are involved it can be beneficial to hide the equipment in a central cupboard and install CAT 6 cabling to all TV locations. The HDMI signal can be converted over CAT 6 and then back to HDMI at the TV, magic eyes can be used. There are many options available to allow a number of devices to be delivered over a single CAT 6 from simple splitters to sophisticated Matrix.

Universal remote controls can be used to eliminate the need for a separate remote control for each device.

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It is highly recommended that this system is installed even if Sky, Virgin or BT is being used if only as a backup for when other systems go down.

The second system involves taking the HDMI output from the back of your equipment, be it a Sky box, Blu-ray, Apple TV or any device that connects to your TV via HDMI, and distributing it to as many TV’s as you desire. This can be achieved in a number of different ways.